This ship has two captains, two brides to be exact.
— Ty Sintrell Founder of BrideNavy

I am the Bride and I am the Bride Too !

Welcome Aboard SS BrideNavy!

I’m sure you are wondering what BrideNavy is all about and what we can do for you and your bridal party and we are so happy you asked!

The BrideNavy was created by Ty Sintrell in 2018 who got inspired by the lack of representation for wedding parties who are in Same-Sex relationships. No matter how many wedding expo’s she attended she was met with the same dreaded question “Where’s the Groom?” and after saying that their were two brides she realized that their weren’t many vendors that provided that service. We decided it was time to shake up the wedding industry and cater to two brides or one bride wedding parties.

BrideNavy LLC is a company that creates personalized wedding gifts and party favors for your bachelorette party, bridal party, bridal boxes, and so much more..

Ty Sintrell, 28, has a BA in Graphic Design and Web Development and is located in Atlanta, GA.

Thank you so much for choosing BrideNavy for you special day. Your ship awaits to help you sail into your forever!!!!

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