Things To Consider When Writing Your Vows

Things To Consider When Writing Your Vows

Hello Navy Gang!

There are many things to consider when that moment comes, and you are face to face with the absolute love of your life, and you are ready to express your love on monumental levels.

The most important thing about vows, is that they are pure and honest and that you mean them.

Whether they are the wholesome traditional vows, or ones you have written on your own, make sure that you mean them.

Why do we say vows?


Historically, vows were stated by the bride only, in accordance with obedience to the spouse.

Thank Goodness for growth!

Now we speak about vows as a pure expression of love and commitment. They are spoken to the growth, the honesty and commitment to the marriage and the relationship.

If you are taking the route of writing your own vows, here are 5 things to consider while you are crafting your beautiful vows:

What was your first impression of your partner?

Describe a time your partner put you first.

Think back to the moment you knew you wanted to spend your life with your partner. Describe the moment and how you felt.

Reflect on of your favorite inside jokes.

How will you strive to be the best version of yourself in your marriage?

Have an intimate conversation with yourself as you write down your responses to these topics.

Be honest.

Be intentional.

Be genuine.

Be marry. (married)