Navy Pro-Tips: Budgeting - Holiday Edition

Navy Pro-Tips: Budgeting - Holiday Edition

Hello Navy Gang! 

We are getting ready for the holidays and for some, this is our second pandemic holiday season, so the most difficult thing may be hiding the gifts you ordered.

When the holidays come around, it is easy to spend a little more money than you anticipated. You may be out with your mom and she picks up a scarf while she drags you through Belk's, but she puts it back, and you go behind her and pick it up to surprise her later. Or you said you were not going to buy your bae anything else, but you see one more thing. Trust us, we know how it goes. 

But do not fret, the Navy is here with some Pro-Tips on Holiday budgeting! 

1. Put a Price on It

Write down everyone you plan to give gifts to—from your nearest and dearest to your in-laws and the mail carrier. Set price limits on each. You can spend $100 on your mom, but maybe not $100 on your neighbor because they were nice to you that one time.

2. Stay On Your Game

Reviewing your account statements, paying your bills regularly and using online banking to easily monitor your accounts.

3. Factor In All Cost

Do not forget to calculate shipping cost! It counts and can add up, especially since most of us may just be mailing out gifts this year.

4. You Just Brought Those

We know, its really hard not to buy all new everything, but chances are, all those holiday decorations are still really cute. If its been less than a year or two, maybe try just updating your stockings or kitchen decorations. 🙂 

5. Make a List and Check It Twice

If you are going to be Santa Clause, BE SANTA CLAUSE! Make a list and double check it. Also, if someone's been naughty, do not fall into people pleasing. Santa knows!

What are some other tips or advice you have for the holiday season?