The Love of Aisha and Jess

The Love of Aisha and Jess

How We Met:

Jess posted a thirst trap on IG last year; I fell in love and promptly slid in her DM's, the end. Well, there is more to it, but that thirst trap was the first time I really "saw her". I met Jess 4 years earlier while pitching a career readiness app for young people. Jess worked in Philanthropy and requested an informational meeting after the pitch to discuss funding opportunities. She was late. The meeting was dry. And nothing came of it… or so I thought. 

The Proposal:
I proposed to Jess while on vacation in one of her favorite cities, New Orleans. We went to City Park, a popular picturesque park and I popped the question on Langles bridge. The proposal included exchanging kola nuts, an African tradition that is a sign of hospitality, friendship, and respect often used in marriage proposals as a commitment to care for and protect each other. Then we took a sunset Gondola ride with NOLA Gondola, where we made our first toast as fiancés. We wrapped up the night with dinner at G.W. Finn, our Lyft driver Jovon changed our planned dinner destination after hearing about our proposal, and we were thankful for his suggestion.

(photo credit goes to photographer; Nilo Hodge Photo) 


Aisha DaCosta (IG: @aishadacosta08) and Jess Solomon (IG: @jesssolomazing) to learn more about their love journey.