5 Cute Covid Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

5 Cute Covid Friendly Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello Navy Gang!

Can you believe we will be entering our second year of dealing with the pandemic?

A lot of our lives have changed, but Love should remain our constant.

With many places still either closed or under Covid restrictions, Valentine’s Day is going to require a little bit more creativity and intentionality.

Among sheer gratitude for your partner, showing the people you care about how much you love them is going to require effort.

Here are a few ideas for our Covid Valentine’s Day season:

Write your significant other, or family member you care for a loving note simply describing your appreciation and care for them. If expression through sentences does not work for you, try just making a list of the reasons why you love this person and highlight their good qualities.

Have a Spa Night! Whether you’re celebrating Galantines, Brolantines or strictly for the lovers – try having a spa night! Target or Walmart sell facial mask, foot and hand scrubs and more for you to have a comfy night in while pampering yourself and your loved ones!

For the competitive and romantic couple, have a cook-off! Pick a dish to create with your partner and have a good old fashion cook off! Have a taste test and just enjoy the friendly competition and the quality time this will provide.

Have a photoshoot! If you and your boo(s) are overdue for some cute pictures together, see if there are local photographers in your area and book a photo shoot. This way, you’re helping an entrepreneur during these trying times, and you are creating moments you can view via photographs forever.

Have a Paint & Sip Home Edition! Have a soothing paint and sip and focus on conversation and building a connection. Make sure there are snacks for the wine or drink of choice. Create a playlist if you want to go the extra mile!

Be sure that whatever you do, big or small, it’s done with intentionality and honesty. You deserve to be just as romanced as your partner.

We celebrate love all year long, but make the day about love, about Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With Love,

Navy Gang