Benefits of Couples Counseling

Benefits of Couples Counseling

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Counseling is important individually, but it can also be just as important in your relationships. Whether it is a relationship you see longevity and you’re just getting started, or a relationship you have been in for a while—counseling is beneficial.

According to the American Counseling Association “Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals.”


Here are 3 highlighted benefits of couples counseling:

Grow intimacy and strengthen connection

The excitement of starting a new relationship with someone can leave you breathless. Outings and going out happen more due to this excitement of getting to know each other. What tends to happen is routine. No one likes the “get too comfortable” feeling/phase. We want to feel admired, and adored, the “when we first met, we used to…” sets in. Counseling can help navigate and reignite.

Resolve and strategize potential relationship hurdles.

It’s natural for two people, whether they had the exact same upbringing or not, may have a disagreement from time to time. Arguing can either strengthen or weaken relationships. Conversations surrounding your core values need to be discussed. In a relationship you anticipate longevity in, disagreements should never go unresolved. If they can’t be resolved through conversation, counseling is a strong option to consider.

Bring clarity your thoughts and feelings about the relationship. 

Relationships are work. You are now considering the feelings of others. One person should never be the only one being considerate. Not only do you now have to think about your feelings and their feelings, you have to think about how you both feel about the actual relationship. Some people work on the issues, but not the relationship. Self work and relationship work have to happen. Some people may argue that a relationship shouldn’t require so much work if it’s meant to be. For some people, it may not require a lot of work, but to say it requires no work is unrealistic. Everything from choosing a movie to a kitchen backsplash—requires work.

Counseling or even just conversation with the person you are in a relationship can expend things beyond “relationship issues”. You two can break through connection problems we may have seen our parents or grandparents experience.

Relationships are about connection.

If you find yourself and relationship at a roadblock, or if you’ve just entered a relationship you want to last, counseling can strengthen the connection.