Eva & Nairobi: The Story of Who Winked First

Eva & Nairobi: The Story of Who Winked First

Eva & Nairobi’s story began like many others in this day and age, on a dating application! The story of who "winked" at who first will forever be told two different ways.

"I love how Eva would text me because she would text in full sentences, with punctuation and everything!"

"I love how Nairobi is the coolest lowkey nerd I had ever met!"

Those phrases are the beginning of the love story that is “Eva & Nairobi”, that they often laugh about to this day.


After chatting on-line for a bit, they decided to up the ante and exchange phone numbers. Communicating became more frequent: phone calls, texts. Shortly after getting to know each other, they decided it was time to actually meet. The two women were both very nervous and cautious, maybe one a little more than the other, but they decided to give it a go!

The initial meeting was tense with apprehension and delight, plus, they both wanted to make sure the other was comfortable. The date was full of awkward moments, flirty glances, laughter and amazing conversations. All of the sudden, they were the last patrons in the restaurant! And have been inseparable ever since!

They decided to embark on their next journey of life and love in front of their friends and family on their 10 year anniversary. Now one year married, 11 years together March 5, 2023 their bond couldn’t be stronger!



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