Gift-Giving 101

Gift-Giving 101

The holidays approached us quickly didn’t it?

Navy Gang it is time to get your shopping on!

Holiday shopping can either be extremely exciting or extremely stressful. But one thing it should never be, is budget blowing.

Don’t consider yourself a good gift-giver? Do not fret, here are five tips for holiday shopping this season.

#1 Do Not Overspend.

Do not go into debt trying to appease everyone for the holidays. This has been a trying year for everyone. If you can’t play Santa Clause this year, it is okay. Use this year for thoughtfulness and honesty. Do not swipe that credit card. I promise it is not worth stressing 3 months from now. Be realistic about your holiday budget. Set clear boundaries for your finances.

#2 Consider Something Homemade or Personalized.

If it is not wise to purchase that Dior bag, don’t throw away the dream, just reassess. Make a plan to get the bag…literally.

In the meantime, try to look for homemade items or personalized gifts. Esty is a great space for homemade gifts! A funny T-shirt from their favorite show, or a shirt with their favorite phrase, movie quote or song lyric. Maybe write them a letter. Make a photo album. There are many ways to make someone feel special.

#3 Presentation Matters.

Please. Please. Please. Wrap the gift or put the gift in a gift bag (WITH GIFT BAG TISSUE PAPER). Do not forget the gift bag tissue paper please. Also, if you are giving a card or letter, write or decorate the envelope. Effort is priceless!

#4 Try Not To Make It About You.

Try to avoid getting someone a gift that you want them to use for you. Unless that’s your thing, make the gift about the person. Need an example? Try not to get someone a blender and say “you make really good smoothies so now you can make us some.”

The thought is nice, and the gift will be appreciated, but if the intent was for them to still use the gift for you then…

#5 Literally Just Pay Attention.

If you are a person who has a hard time gift buying, we have a secret for you:

All you have to do is….

*drum roll please*

…know the person.

That’s right. All you have to do is know them. They probably watch a TV or have a favorite movie. Get them a season DVD set of their favorite show if it’s available. Search for a gift related to their favorite movie. They probably like food right? Get them a gift card to their favorite food spot. Do they like coffee? Find them a cute mug! Are they always running low on gas because they have a long commute to work? Gift them a gas card. Are they always at TJ Maxx or Target, you guessed it, gift card.

If you want to get more personal, you are going to have to do some deep paying attention. If they mention in random conversation that they would like some new coasters or if they been meaning to buy a certain book, jot it down in notes and refer back to it.

You can be a great gift giver! We believe in you!

While you are doing your holiday shopping, check out our shop and be on the lookout for new items coming soon!

Happy Holidays!