Hey Baby Let's Get Away...

Hey Baby Let's Get Away...

We Don't Have To Go Far 

As the weather gets colder and vacation destinations get further with restrictions and allowances, sometimes getting away doesn't have to be far at all.The Getaway Cabin stays have made sure you don’t have to go far to Getaway.

The concept of ‘getting away’ has always been delivered in form of vacations out of the country, spa days of beach days, when in fact getting away is truly a state of mind.

You can go as far as you like but when was the last time you got away from everything and disconnected from the distraction of the world and reconnected with yourself, or your babe?

Social media holds us hostage to the upload, tag location, hashtag and caption culture.This culture has sprung ‘sharing’ rather than simply being in the moment. 

My Fiancée and I have spent thousands of dollars, pounds and pesos going to destinations far and wide. We’ve visited tropical rain forest, swam in oceans deep and visited the heights of the Eiffel Tower in Paris but we both found ourselves saying that a trip to a tiny cabin in our own state, was by far the best vacation we have ever taken!

It Really is the Simple Things in Life...

The Getaway site consists of various cabins strategically spread a great distance apart. Each one cutely named after a member of staff’s grandparents. Josephine was the name of ours and she was an amazing cabin. We couldn’t believe all that fit into this tiny, short stay home! A kitchenette with an electric stove top and all the kitchen utensilsyou need; including a kettle(I love my tea) salt, pepper and oil to cook with.Separate bathroom with a shower stocked with apothecary care and towels. Huge Bed and private window view facing the woods. We did not pull the blinds down once and slept and woke up to a beautiful view.

The concept of the cabins is simple “switch off”, “log off” & “disconnect” making this dedicated promise leads you to have the full and best experience.

There is plenty to do on site and in the cabin, just place you phone in the box on the table and disconnect from the world for a two-night stay (or more) in total peace and tranquillity

Here's What What We Did

We turned the data off of our phones, placed them on silent and escaped from the world.The first night wplayed r&b music on low (connected a phone to the speaker provided)sipped wine and talked like we used to when we first met-completely emersed in one another with no distractions. Asking questions and digging deep into our cores

The window setting was perfect with the dark woods behind us and the fireflies flickering in the night. Connecting bodies like never before until the sunrise.

The next day grand rising, up and early with the sun we sat outside by the unlit fire pit drinking tea (for me) a hot chocolate for babe. Listening to the sounds of the forest, wondering what to do. It was like we had all the time in the world with no decision to make in a hurryit was bliss.

A hot shower laterdressed for a walk, we decided to do the short 1 mile walk on the site. We talked more digging into factors of our relationship we could both improve on, with no beef or malice. Just footsteps in the peace of the green around us and joyful. While the area of Suches , GA offers so many beautiful trails and hikes we decided against them. We always explore on our vacations and rarely just sit an do absolutely nothing. So we agreed to head back to Josephine and do sweet F.A (fu*k all = absolutely nothing)

Back at Josephine, we lit the fire using their log bundles for $6 and I cooked us lunch. We ate, talked some more, read our books a little, talked and talked and talked. We made Smores, smoked our hookah and had a triple hot chocolateSat around the fire from 2pm until 12am. No notifications, no emails, no calls, no texts and no social media.

We woke up the next day, refreshed, reconnected and in love with each a little more than when we both arrived. 

The perfect Getaway just my baby & I


Travel Tips:

Screenshot all information & texts. They send you a code to get into your cabin

Google MapsDO NOT copy and paste the address into google maps! It will take you down the wrong turn, to someone’s private property.

Pack Light -Trust me on this! Bring warm clothes and a blanket each to wrap up by the fire. Athleisure wear is the way to go.

Food & Wine -Pack food to cook as they have a fridge, an electric stove top and you can also cook on the fire

Online - Look online for the complete list of what they have in the cabin

Switch Off – Put your phone down and enjoy your time together


Travel Safe 

Liyah Mai Leoni