Let’s Get Luxury!

Let’s Get Luxury!

True Love Navy Co is a brand dedicated to love, but not just any love, we celebrate the love of LGBTQ Women loving Women.

Our love is more than a rainbow flag on pride month, our love is more than ally-ship, our love is more than a day, our love more than everything and more which is why we celebrate our love everyday with Luxury Gay Shit, why you ask? Because quite frankly, we deserve it!

Luxury is attainable for us all and luxury to us is providing a profound experience and receiving amazing quality products that you can't get anywhere else.

It is so important we provide luxury products to our community because we've seen enough of what is lacking and our promise is to deliver exactly what our community needs.  

How do we know this? Because True Love Navy Co is and will always be run by unapologetic black, queer, multifaceted, authentic women who know exactly what we need!

We are all many things: We are Mothers, we are Wives, we are Businesswomen, we are Sisters, we are Entrepreneurs but most importantly we are YOU and you are US!



While we love showcasing love, we after switching our focus to life before and after the wedding day. Because we want to provide products that prepare those looking for love, that couples build and thrive in love even after they say, ‘I do’.

Love is to be celebrated every day! In every from!  And True Love Navy Co is an advocacy of wellness, self-love & care. Not only do we want you to love on your spouse but to love you some ‘you’ too. We are so excited for our wellness products on the way!

Going forward we are going to be heavily involved in our community to not only provided products but to provide valuable resources that we, our community needs because don’t forget we deserve Luxury Gay Shit!

Love Always

True Love Navy Co

Written by Liyah Mai Leoni