Niecy Nash Celebrates Her First PRIDE Month

Niecy Nash Celebrates Her First PRIDE Month

Hello Navy Gang!

Happy Pride Month!

Speaking of PRIDE Month, last year Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts announced their marriage to the world and you could feel the sheer joy from the photos!

This year, Niecy Nash has posted a few different post as she celebrates her first Pride month with her wife, Jessica Betts.

We here at True Love Navy Co. (BrideNavy), we're so thrilled about the news last year that we had to share our excitement with out post from last year!

Check it out here:

Niecy Nash —pardon us, Mrs. Carol Denise Betts!

Aug 31, 2021

Hello Bride Navy Gang!

Earlier today, critically acclaimed actress Niecy Nash, allowed us into her world and let us know that she is a WHOLE Wife with a WHOLE Wife!

Mrs. Betts (Nash) and singer Jessica Betts announced the exciting news today via Instagram, sharing a jaw-dropping snap from their wedding day on Aug. 29.

Betts previously worked with Nash in 2018 on an episode of Claws, a queer inclusive TNT series Nash led. The pair posted a photo where Nash referred to Betts as her "homegirl." At the time, Jessica shared a behind-the-scenes video from the episode to her Instagram.

I want to give a special shout to @niecynash1 👽 This woman of God, I'm honored and blessed in her presence. She's anointed and appointed. She singin my tune, 🤣 #CatchMe Link in bio 👽 Thanks Cora! This is for YOU❤️🙌🏾 #ClawsTNT #bettsofbothworlds #seasonfinale #waitforit😂

Via @jessicabettsmusic Instagram

The Internet is no stranger to the GLOW Nash has had on the gram lately, especially with her beautiful birthday shoot! Your glow is different when you’re being loved properly.

We are so happy for the newlyweds, and we are sending them much love peace and ease! Thank you two for showing us that love wins, always.


The Betts have been reviving up their presence this Pride Month with a series of articles and interviews including, People Magazine, Netflix, and much more.

The People Magazine article can be found here: (Just click the photo. :-) )




You can find the loving video Netflix shared on June 3, 2021 here:

Newlyweds Niecy Nash & Jessica Betts Share Marriage Journey, Power of Black Love | Pride 2021

Congratulations again to the lovely couple and we are so PROUD!


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