The Gay Cousin

The Gay Cousin

Hello Navy Gang!

How have you all been?

Good we hope!

Let's talk about our upcoming merchandise release.

When the gay cousin/auntie merchandise came about, it was a tool to proclaim that gay aunties and cousins were in the here and proud.

The Gay Auntie and The Gay Cousin merchandise isn’t just a phase, for many of us, it’s more than a lifestyle, it's our livelihood.

Many of us are either our families first gay, or we’ve witnessed other family members secretly be the gay family member.

Some of us either received support, or none at all.

All that we knew, is that we were in love and we were our cousins favorite.

Being The Gay Auntie or Gay Cousin means so much to True Love Navy Co. because it reinforces our mission to advance love and support for members of our community.

The driving force behind what we do, from every post, to every blog, to every piece of merchandise – is to support our mission of true love.

When you are the Gay Family member, you are tasked with being a pioneer of true love.

So when you rock your Gay Auntie/Cousin merchandise, rock it with pride.

No pun intended.

The Gay Cousin “Dad Hat”. Available for Pre-Order May 21, 2021.