The Magnificence of Lesbian Weddings

The Magnificence of Lesbian Weddings

By Liyah Mai Leoni 


There's something so spectacular about at same sex wedding, wouldn't you agree?  

Lesbian weddings contain an immense amount of creative and non-traditional freedom.

Grasping the authenticity that many conventional weddings cannot. Making the day, from beginning to end, truly “our own’.

Having a civil ceremony attains key moments that set can set the tone in creating your own vibrant traditions that last a lifetime.

Let's break some of these moments down that can be recreated just for you on our special day. 




Bridal & Bridegroom Parties

Best men, groomsmen, maid of honour and bridesmaids aren’t specifically catered to a gender-normative because gender does not define the roles for the “best people” that mean the most to us.

We have seen a growing tradition of wedding parties consisting of a blend of men and women standing beside either bridegroom or bride taking on roles and responsibilities in so many ways.


Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Rainbow?

An old English rhyme to signify luck; bride is to incorporate or conceal these objects of luck into or under her dress. But we can mix is up by both brides having these and instead of having something ‘blue’, throw in a bit of rainbow to signify the vibrance of LGBTQ love   



Here Come The Brides

In traditional weddings, the bride is walked down the aisle and “given away” by her father.
Same sex weddings attain different twists to suit each couple and their circumstances

Walking down with parents may still be a tradition that suits you well, or you can walk down together, be given away by your best friend, siblings or on your own. However you decide to take these steps, will be stunning



The Officiant

Where majority of us have completed the legal part of the wedding at the registry office/courthouse we can a friend or family member lead the service. Telling your love story through their eyes with a personal touch of knowing you. You can find the perfect person together to honour your love with their words  



A Vow of Love

Weddings may contain a standard declaration of legal contracting words to seal the marriage deal. Same sex weddings have the creative freedom to discuss with your officiant words that cater to your love.

Personalised vows are a wonderful way of expressing your love and marriage to one another



I Do

Whatever you do, make your own traditions and your dream wedding come true. Weddings are about celebrating your love for each other and should be personal and reflective of your union.

You don’t have to follow traditions that don’t have a connection to your love; start your own traditions and the togetherness of your union free



Liyah’s Traditions

Rings have so much importance to me so. The symbol of forever; I wanted to share mine with you    

Ring warming 
(I saw this and thought it was absolutely stunning!)

Your rings are handed between all your guests and they silently manifest or send their wishes for your future over the rings so when it comes time to exchange them, they’re infused with the love and affection of all your close family and friends.


Dad’s Ring Tradition
(A Tradition I Created)  

My Dad passed away 8 years ago and I was handed a ring of his that I wear every day.
I want to incorporate his ring into my bouquet and hand the bouquet over to my daughter in law who will keep the ring until her younger sibling is born.

My meaning behind this; my Dad’s ring has kept me safe. But now I will have the love of my wife to keep my safe. The tradition of passing my Dad’s ring will continue to keep our children (his grandchildren) safe as it is passed onto each younger sibling to watch over them as he has done for me.


I hope you have enjoyed this piece and create some beautiful traditions of your own  

Love always

Liyah Mai Leoni & True Love Navy Co 


Images Used 

Wedding of Aisha & Nic 

Niecy Nash & Jessica Betts