Three Quick Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Three Quick Tips For A Healthy Relationship

Hello True Love Navy Gang !

As we all know, there are several books, magazine articles and TED Talks about tips for being in a healthy, successful relationship. 

Relationships are hard work, but they're not suppose to be difficult.

If you look at anything you work for or towards, you work towards it with a purpose and good intention. 

When you look at remodeling your living space, you work hard to do so.

When you want to get abs, you work hard.

When you value what you are working for, and you are intentional about the results, you will always find fulfilment.

Think about how you feel when you walk into your newly renovated bedroom, or you begin to see the results of your gym sessions, or you notice how much peaceful you are from practicing mindfulness.

That feeling is fulfilment, so why not carry that to your relationship?

Working for something you value and with intention can bring fulfilment and bliss.

Here are 3 quick tips for reaching and maintaining that fulfillment in your relationship:

Pay attention to your loved one and notice when there is a shift.

Take note of your loved ones dreams and goals. Encourage them and support them as those goals changes as you grow. Pay attention to how they feel when certain topics are mentioned, whether it be about expanding the family, finances, or their own bodies. Do not meet them with judgement, but with sincerity to help and support. Make an effort to stay entuned with who they are and who they would like to become.

Keep physical connection. 

Hold hands. Kiss. Dance. Place your hand on their shoulder. Remain physically connected. All the parts of your loved that you admire and desire, show that appreciation for it. 

When disagreements arise, do not hit below the belt.

Over the course of your relationship, you may have learned more about this person than anyone has ever known. You have knowledge about this person. This knowledge should never be used to hurt your loved one in any way when disagreements arise. Disagreements should be handled with respect and truth, at all times.

If it's meaningful, and everyone is intentional, the relationship will be beautiful.

Happy Loving True Love Navy.


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