Too Many Mammas Is Never Too Many

Too Many Mammas Is Never Too Many

Written By Liyah Mai Leoni

Stepping into the world of parenthood is one of the greatest and exciting journeys many of us will experience.

However, for parents-to-be within the LGBTQ+ community our dreams of starting a family could be met with feelings of anxiety and uncertainty when not fitting into societies narrative of the “heterosexual parenting norm”.

Questioning ourselves and the obstacles our families could potentially face by being same sex parents raising children

“Will our family be accepted? Will our family be judged?”

Globally same sex parents have broken these societal restrictions and have built beautiful family foundations.

For the word ‘family’ can mean so many things, but the true meaning of family has nothing to do with heterosexuality or genetics and has everything to do with love, compassion, support and togetherness.

Love is an emotion and energy that fills the walls in my own home; a home of a Step Mamma and a Mamma raising our daughter part-time in a co-parentship with our daughters Mommy.

Our family mantra is:

“Too many mammas is never too many!”

These are the proud words of our eight-year-old daughter. Children will surprise you with the things they say and do.

Installing normality and a strong sense of pride into our daughter’s perspective of her own family of three same sex parents was a must.

We feared the odds against us as she went from having two moms to three. But our parental fears were taken away by a simple action of love and a little hand pulling us along to introduce us to her peers. Making it known that her mammas are here.

“Mamma, what does different mean?”

Lesbian and Gay parents have an added role that ensures our children are confident, well-informed and proud of a family that may at times be viewed as ‘different’.

To us, different is beautiful. Different is courageous. Different is freedom and different is love. Take back the word and claim it in all its glory and continue to channel positive meaning to the word.

“Look Mamma! That family looks just like ours!”

Social media has done wonders in creating a space for so many platforms that reflect families much like her own. So, we visit pages on Instagram for her to understand regardless if it’s three mommies, two moms, two dads, two dads and a mamma, two mommy’s and a dad family will always be a multifaceted structure of love - let’s face it, love always wins and love makes a family!