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Une Petite Célébration De L'amour

Petite Weddings 2021 

By Liyah Mai Leoni

Petite (small) weddings with less than 20 guests are on the rise.

With so many restrictions, large gatherings and guidelines throughout different countries many couples have chosen to delay their special day, while others have chosen to proceed with small wedding.

This year we will see more and more of these intimate ceremonies.
In some cases, budget constraints have favoured to smaller weddings. For many, the reasoning will be that couples simply want to scale back to just the few family and friends they can’t have their special day without.

Lockdown/Quarantine has been a period of reflection time for us all to truly appreciate the importance of our support systems.
Couples who decide to go small have taken the time to confirm exactly who they want by their side on their special day and why.

We all know that weddings are a very costly celebration of love, so whether you attain a large budget or small, a Petite Wedding will provide the chance to splash out on their guest and create an unforgettable intimate experience.

Large corporate style weddings will be a thing of the past and couples will be more in tune with the importance of family and friends who mean the most to their love story and fill their day with intimate energy and vibes from beginning to end that will be a beautiful small celebration of love

How will you be celebrating your day?  

Une Petite Célébration De L'amour

Images of @alannahdyann & @hennyxtrae  Photographed by 

Love always wins 

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Images of @alannahdyann & @hennyxtrae

Photographed by