Wedding Dress 101: Deciding Who to Take Dress Shopping??

Wedding Dress 101: Deciding Who to Take Dress Shopping??

Wedding Dress 101 : Deciding Who to Take Dress Shopping??

By Liyah Mai Leoni   



While parts of the world are getting accustomed to changes and in other parts are slowly getting back to “normal”, wedding planning is still taking place and one of the most important items on a Bride to Be’s checklist is THE DRESS.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, some dress stores and boutiques are still limiting your party capacity to one or two people, but not to worry, there are so many ways to make this experience a beautiful stress-free breeze. 

We all know the phrase “too many chefs in the kitchen” right? Well, having a restricted amount of people to take with you is a blessing!

Let me tell you why; it allows your voice, opinion and feelings towards the dress to amplify.

Narrowing down your list of nearest and dearest is not any easy task. Ask yourself the following questions


Who Truly Knows Me? (Like knows you, knows you)

I know it is very traditional to take your mum or siblings/family with you but… who truly knows you? Who isn’t going to project their ‘wants’ onto your dress choice? Who is going to support you and even offer alternatives without pushing their own ideas?

If this person is one of your family members, then amazing!  However, if you are anything like me and have had a best friend of 28 years plus, that knows you more than anyone on this planet, who is your go to and ride or die and always wants the best for you, then that’s your person!

Taking my best friend was the best thing for me, she even chose the boutique! All I had to do was arrive, ready to pick out my dress options.


Are People Going to Be Upset They Couldn’t Come?

Absolutely! You cannot please everyone, but you can start with yourself. Remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with having your best interest first. Afterall, this is YOUR wedding.

I have been on the other side; a friend chose myself and her sister-in-law over her mother and there was a LOT of tears and drama to follow! But she stood firm on the choice that was suited her best and guess what…? She found her dress!


Before Choosing Your Person

So, how do you know, your wedding dress shopping buddies/family are the ones to take? Easy, show them images of dresses you like. Are they open to your ideas or are they quickly advising you on something else?

While the suggestions may be great, it is important to make sure you are heard before ideas are imposed.


Set the Expectation

Tell your person(s) what you want or need from them on the day.

It could be that you have already chosen your ‘dream dress’ and you need their honest opinion. Or you have an idea of what you like and need help finding them or you have absolutely no idea at all and you need all hands-on deck.


Tell Them What You Like

Anxiety may get the best of some brides on the day, so give your person(s) a list of things you like in a dress of some images you have seen. That way the staff members can assist you in your mission on finding your perfect dress.



Be Open to Professional Opinion

While we may be very confident about our dress options, this may not be “the dress”. I know for me and my friend this was the case.
The boutique staff have seen so many different women shapes and sizes and the chances are they already know what dress is going to suit you as soon as you walk in.While both went to different style of stores, on different days, in different areas on the UK.

I went to a Boutique in London and she went to Off the Rack store in Basingstoke; we both went for dresses we were opposed to but were suggested to us by the staff member and fell in love.


How Do I Please Everyone??

There are multiple inventive ways to make the dress shopping a shared experience with your nearest and dearest.


Window Dress Viewing Party

When you have chosen ‘The Dress’; ask the boutique if they can accommodate a Window Viewing.

Gather your friends, family or bridal party outside the store and have a reveal of you in the store window dressed in your dress with your hair and make-up did


Surprise Dress Champagne Party  

Gather your friends, family or bridal party around to your house or location and have a big surprise reveal of you in your dress


Small Visit

Schedule time with the boutique to have visits with you try on the dress again with another person. You can try on two dresses then show them the one or just let them know you chose the one. I did this with my Mum & Aunt and they both cried when I showed them ‘the dress’

Whatever you decide to do, it’s so important to have people with you who are going to support you all the way.

Much Love

Liyah Mai Leoni & The True Love Navy Crew 




Makeup & Hair: Hair and makeup will help your dress vision so bring face coverings/cloth so you do not bet any make up on the store dresses.

Heels: Take heels with you or similar height shoes you are going to where on the day

Ask: Ask the boutique or store if they are steam cleaning the dresses in between customer visits

Eat: Eat a meal before you try on your dress, remember, you will have this dress on all day. So, give yourself some wiggle room to enjoy your food and drinks on the wedding day

Deposit: You can always negotiate a deposit or payment plan on your dress. So don’t be afraid to explore your budget.